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June Update

Latest update - 16th June

The website is continuing to grow, and visitor numbers increasing, approaching nearly 7,000.

Recent additions include an interactive map that shows the locations of all the Kent (and bordering) Country Music and Line Dance Clubs, with some other events thrown in for good measure.

The information for different Line Dance Classes in the links menu continues to grow as well, so I'm considering having it's own page.

The links and activities on the Facebook page are also growing well, take a look at that too!



Latest update - 14th April

The new site seems to be going well, the visitor numbers are growing, so we're extremely please for that.

In our pages, you'll find details of all the events with live acts in Kent or just across the borders, details of all the clubs with links to their websites or facebook pages, along with downloads to the fliers, links to other Country Music related items including clothing, news and reviews, Line Dance Classes and Clubs.   And all provided for FREE!

We've also added a Facebook page where we can also post information from other Facebook users and groups that are part of the Country Music scene in Kent, if you haven't already, check it out and ask to become a member!   There is also now a Twitter feed too!

It all helps to advertise what is going on in the county or just across the borders..



If you have any news or changes that you wish to pass on, Please contact us. 
Suggestions are always welcomed, and we are always happy to hear of errors and omissions. News of planned '1-off' events are also welcomed Click here to see our Contact details.


Yes, as in NO money!!!!

Many people are not convinced that we can provide this web site and the service to the Clubs for FREE.

The fact is we can and do. Since we started in September 2007 we have not asked anyone for any money for this web site, and we have no intention of asking for any.

Designing and building web sites is my 'Hobby' and Maggie loves taking photos, and we also like to listen to Country Music this web site is the result.

We do the work, but we need the support of the Club Organisers to let us have the details of their events, along with any other relevant news.

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