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New website - keeping it in the family!

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Mick and Maggie Spice have provided a web presence to promote Country and Western Music Clubs in Kent since 2007.

Due to ill health and the complexities of running a site from scratch, including all the back-end server installations, upgrades to the website software, security and server script stuff etc. The hosting company required a major upgrade to the server side of things, which would involve a lot of complex changes to the site, as the current website software would no longer be secure or supported.

However, for several months I have been looking at an alternative way of running the site, where you simply edit the content and no need to worry about the complex server side of things. After trials on several platforms, I've found one I'm happy with and I'm pleased to say that the website will be continuing, with similar content, and still with input and direction from Mick and Maggie.

Colin - Website chief button pusher.

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