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Date Title Venue City State
23.02.20 Milton C.M.C. Gravesend Kent
28.02.20 Ace of Diamonds C.M.C. Sidcup Kent
28.02.20 Carolina C.M.C. West Wickham Kent
28.02.20 Manston C.M.C. Manston Kent
01.03.20 Milton C.M.C. Gravesend Kent
04.03.20 Dancing Dog Saloon Bobbing Kent
06.03.20 Delta Dawn C.M.C. Tonbridge Kent
06.03.20 Manston C.M.C. Manston Kent
07.03.20 Texas Moon C.M.C. Rochester Kent
07.03.20 Claws n Paws C.M.C. Teynham Kent