Back to work after a brilliant weekend with Cheyenne down at the Burstin Hotel in Folkestone. See Honky Tonk Cliffs report that sums it up perfectly. Looking forward to February for more fantastic music and line and partner dancing. This is a mixed festival where line and partner dancers have a great time together on the same floor. Looking forward to the 22nd to 25rd February 2019 why don't you join us for a fun filled romantic weekend!
The dances Julie and I (JB) taught this weekend were:

Dance title: Thank You
Choreography: Karen and Nigel Poll
Music: Thank You by Gary Perkins & The Breeze

Dance title: Straight to Hell-O
Choreography: Dan Albro
Music: Straight To Hell by Darrius Rucker

Dance title: There Goes The Neighborhood
Choreography: Chris and Trev - Lonestar WPDC
Music: There Goes The Neighborhood by Keith Harling

Dance title: Simplicity
Choreography: Diane Jackson & Josie Copley
Music: Simple by Florida Georgia Line

See you on the floor!



Well the level of talent was amazing something for everyone and not a dull moment. Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning workshop with myself for Linedance and Brian and Julie for Partner was well attended and straight to work looking at some new dances full list later on in the post.

Friday night and were off with two great performers Bob Keeley and John Doherty very different but both brilliant keeping a busy floor all night and a couple at the end of the night together fab.

Saturday afternoon show was Shaina wow two brilliant spots her confidence is really shining through now keeping everyone happy whether dancing or listening.

Saturday Night gave us the brilliant Steve Jay and Chris Mezza two of the best musicians out there today and they didnt disappoint great night had by all and once again both did a couple at the end together rocking the house.

Sunday afternoon Zenne Kober her raw voice is totally unique and so Country totally brilliant and playing a great mix for dancers and listeners alike.

Then Sunday and a replacement is on the way as a member of Long Shot had taken ill i hope he gets well soon. But no worries we hear that Rob Childs is on his way you know you are in for a great night,Fantastic guitarist brilliant sense of humor interacting with the audience always a winner for me and coupled with the crazy Soul n Stone who are fabulous our last night was awesome and when all three performed at the end it was electric and a brilliant end to the weekend well done all Artistes great line up.

Three busy workshops with myself and Brian and Julie teaching a nice selection of new dances, Linedances taught are THANK YOU by Tina Argyle a brilliant tribute to Garry Perkins WHOS THAT MAN by Tina Argyle WOMAN LOVE and YOUR MEMORY by myself and BOUND TA GIT DOWN by Rob Fowler all were very well received and thank you for all the lovely comments about my two new dances.

Once again Brian Minns and Julie Minns will post Partner dances taught this weekend, Always love working with Julie and Brian they give it there all well done guys.

And Ky and Angie thanks for keeping the event open it holds a lot of memories for a lot of people who dont want to see it stop so im told by so many, As you know im the new boy ( BOY lol) i never new this event before i joined it but the scene is changing lots more events to go to which waters everything down and then its harder to get a great atmosphere with less people attending so dont throw away your past memory's keep adding to them and keep coming to this festival to add to your memories in the future .

You are lovely people who enjoy YOUR festival and its a pleasure for me to be there helping you to enjoy your event. Merry Christmas guys see you at all three next year hope you had a good time and got home safe.

Cliff and Lynne.

Thank You


Superstars 4Thank you (and you will see this statement a lot) To every one who made our Dolly Parton and the Country Superstars Weekender one to remember! Its months in the planing and so much hard work but it was tremendous. We started it last year with our first event with a chance for people to come and see us and be able to have a chat and get to know us personally as we are normally we are only seen on stage and briefly at meet and greets.
We never thought it would grow so fast but boy it did....... with over 600 people in the main ballroom on the Saturday night and a SOLD OUT hotel with 500 rooms.

Firstly I have to thank my wonderful band Tennessee Allstars Band they played great all weekend and were very supportive, Wol Webster and Darren Bass thank you for your extra help, you both went above and beyond x x Then Team CSE Gwendoline Aslett Matthew Endersby Tracy Vedamuttufor your work from morning till night!!! and support of Michael Crust Mandy Brocklehurst Pauline Williams Thank you all, Peter Hewitt Thank you for help throughout the weekend with Costume repairs, furniture removal at 2am and everything in between x x Thank you Justine Brown (we call her the glue) for your DJ'ing, Lighting and Dance teaching really keeps the programme together x x.

Thank you IOW Tours Geoff Holt Oli Williams David Hazell you were terrific, professional, supportive and so helpful on the days and Check in ran smoothly thanks to your help.....

Thank you to The Entertainers:

Working alongside The Dolly Parton Experience - Sarah Jayne's Tribute Act Show and The Country Superstars Experience Hosted By No1 Dolly Parton Sarah Jayne and Andy Crust Sarah Jayne Dolly Crust Andy Kenny Rogers Crust

Friday: Richard Palmer
Saturday: Duncan Norvell Lee Jackson Elvis
Friday: Richard Palmer

Every night in the Lounge Shaun Murray

You all worked to the Top of your abilities making our Guests Happy and leaving with nothing but praise for you.

Thank you to the Staff of The Grand Burstin Hotel - Britannia Hotels your staff worked tirelessly supporting our weekend from start to finish.... From Management to Hotel Floor ensuring things ran smoothly for 600 People.

Thank you to our Safety Team - Steve Hall and John Rogers for keeping all our guest safe and had the unenviable task off turning people away because we were full.

Thanks to Westernview Western Wear Ange Church and Mick we love having you both with us and so do the guests knowing your shop is there for all their needs. It's always a giggle too x


What a turn out of Country Fans, Line Dance fans and general public who like to just have a great time away at the weekend. You made our weekend so special with your comments and smiles. Thank you x x

We would really love to thank you for Taking part in the Raffle, Donations and in our MAD Bingo with Matthew Endersby and Tracy Vedamuttu and your generosity smashed last years total by raising an amazing £1022.56 for the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library here in the UK Thank you Thank you Thank you x x

Please Forgive us if we have missed you off with so many people to thank its hard to remember everyone. Andy and I are absolutely exhausted but really looking forward to doing it again next year x x x We will tag a few of you (guests) in this post but if you know some that attended please tag them in the comments.

We have created a page for you too. Please add your pictures and videos of the weekend Dolly Parton & Country Superstars Weekender - Grand Burstin on facebook.


There are a many other photos on Sue Smyth Facebook page Click Here

 Well just back from another amazing weekend with The Country Superstars,hosted by Sarah Jayne Crust and Andy Crust at The Grand Burstin Hotel Folkestone.
Also would like to thank the team that support them, Matthew Endersby Tracey Endersby, Gwendoline Aslett, Sarah's mum Mandy, Andy's dad,and the amazing band The Allstars. Also thanks to Iow tours oli williams Jeff and David, and Justine Brown for supplying us with the music. And Mick and Ange Church for their western wear stall,Sorry if I missed anyone out but you all do an amazing job.
Started off on Fri afternoon with complimentary tea coffee and cakes meet and greet with Sarah and andy then Friday night we had the pleasure of Richard Palmer Dolly, Kenny, pasty cline and glen Campbell.
Sat morning my favourite bit of the weekend (ssshhh don't tell Sarah and andy) lol Matt and Traceys bingo session, he's just so funny everyone was in stitches lol
Justine did a little workshop then Andy sung some awesome songs loved it (second favourite bit of the weekend ) lol
In the evening we had Lee Jackson first time I've seen him and he's a very good country singer. Then we had Duncan Norvelle the comedian from back in the 80s who's catchphrase was "chase me chase me" he still had that famous comedy timing and again had the room laughing. To finish sat night we had Dolly and Kenny doing their thang. It was packed over 600 people and everyone went home or back to their rooms having seen a fantastic show.
Sunday we had a guest presenter doing the bingo yes the one and only Boy George Well it was Matt really but it went down a treat my lot loved him,and to entertain us even more we had a game of play your cards right, it was Hilarious again so much laughter it was infectious.
By Sunday afternoon it was taking it toll on Sarah's throat bless her so rather than pushing it too much she did a meet and greet with everyone,she bought all her memorabilia about dolly parton from home and people could take photos and just generally chat with her. She's such a lovely girl.
Sunday night she was back on top form again and her and andy did their big show with,Dolly, pasty cline, billy jo spears,Tammy wynette, Andy was Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, John Denver,Johnny cash and they had the backing of
The all stars band. Richard Palmer did 2 more sets then it was time to say our good night's.
So until next year (yes were definitely going back its all booke)love to you all and thank you for making our weekend very special. Xxxx
Also thanks to my lovely lot who came and kept me company xxx

Photos of the event can be found here

Hi folks.

What a weekend.
They don't get any better than this one,
The entertainment was unbelievable all weekend with Richard Palmer,Billy Curtis, on Friday both were brilliant.
Saturday afternoon was Cheyenne with two fantastic sets,
Saturday evening gave us both Rob Childs, and Malc Allan, who gave us a brilliant night to remember.
Sunday afternoon it was Back Gold, once again two terrific sets for dancers and listeners alike and to finish off a great weekend in style the un
believable Rancher (Steve Lovett and John Hallett) always amazing and Texas Tornados (Pete Stothard and Stu Payne) what a way to finish a fab Weekend.

Workshops were well attended and lots of great new dances covered.
Fab to have Brian and Julie back teaching partner dances so good at what they do and great people to boot.
Hope you enjoyed the dances taught. So many to pick from these days and many thanks for your lovely comments over the weekend you are truly are smashing people who enjoy your music and dancing it's a pleasure being with you.

Brian will give you the Partner dances taught over the weekend but here is the line dances,

Things by Gary Lafferty,
The Dance and She,s My Baby, Tina Argyle,
Hanks Way and Invitation Blues by ME,
Whiskey Smooth by Karl Harry Winson,
Texas Time by Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax (which I think will go to No1).

Hope you all had a good time and got home safe see you in November


Cliff and Lynne..

Photos of the event can be found here


Summer Party Country Music Festival - 1st - 3rd June 2018

We (JB) have just returned from teaching the Partner dances for Cheyenne Promotions at the Grand Burstin in Folkestone and this was one of the most enjoyable yet. Yes, we did retire but we missed teaching at this festival so much that we accepted the invitation to make a comeback!

Now let’s be honest about this, nobody comes to the “Grand Burstin Hotel” for the quality hotel experience! It’s functional and basic, but the environment around the hotel, the harbour, the renovated station, the harbour wall walk where you can follow the boardwalk right along the beach to the beautiful gardens, has been revolutionised in our time of visiting Folkestone for the Cheyenne festivals. There was a time when the whole area was just a little run down and “tired”. I have to say the walk around the harbour and the surrounding area is now well worth visiting Folkestone for at any time.

Line DancersWith that all said we keep coming back for the festivals here because of the people, the great value, where else can you get line and partner teaching and dancing, and 8 live artists in a single weekend?

This June festival was one of the best I think I have ever seen here, the balance of artists was terrific and must have had something to suit everyone, I cannot remember seeing an empty dance floor even once.

I have said several times before and am more than happy to repeat myself, the people who come to this festival is the major reasons for its continued success. Dancers and loyal listeners just keep coming back for the atmosphere and comradery. We had at least three (3) birthday celebrations over the weekend so lots of cake doing the rounds! We even had Gwen and her Hens celebrating her Hen party with several theme changes from Wedding Party with Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour sash and more sashes that I didn’t get to read then it was the Pension party a spectacular effort by all concerned and provided everyone with great entertainment. We wish Gwen and her Partner a fabulous wedding and a memorable day for them all.

This is after all a line and partner Country music dance event and the etiquette is just brilliant, with patience and understanding and common courtesy, everyone gets on so well the dance floor works well, even when busy.

Friday afternoon the teaching started at 1pm, alternating between line and partner.


Partner dances we (JB) taught were:

  • ·Cuddles – Jack & Mary Jane Hassett
  • ·All The Kings Horses For 2  – Karen & Nigel Poll
  • ·Glengarry Shuffle – Unknown

Honky Tonk Cliff taught the line dancers:

  • ·Hanks Way – Honky Tonk Cliff
  • ·Things - Gary Lafferty
  • ·She’s My Baby -  Tina Argyle

This kept the dancers happy up until they could check into their rooms at 3pm. Then dinner and a quick change for the evening’s entertainment.

Fridays artist line up:

v The brilliant Billy Curtis

v Mr Fabulous himself Richard Palmer

Both are brilliant performers in their own right, but then they jammed for a couple of tracks to close the live show. Of course, for the younger and fitter among us Honky Tonk Cliff kept the dancing with the disco through to 1am. So, exhausted it was off to bed.

Saturday morning the teaching started at 10:30pm, alternating between line and partner.


Partner dances JB taught were:

  • ·Close The Distance – Adam Cherko & Adrienne Squillante
  • ·Most People Are Good – Karen & Nigel Poll

Honky Tonk Cliff taught the line dancers

  • ·Beautifully Broken – Tina Argyle, Kim Ray & Pat Stott
  • ·Texas Time – Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax
  • ·Invitation to the Blues – Honky Tonk Cliff

Then off to lunch, there really is ample food on this weekend. Then at 2pm the afternoon session kicked off with our host and his talented daughter together for two sets of the very best in Country music:

MT Allen

Saturdays artists:


Who kept us dancing all afternoon. More food and a freshen up for dinner and the evening entertainment brought us two brilliant acts

MT Allen

Rob Childs

Sunday morning and a bleary eyed, throaty re-cap of all the partner dances we had taught and an early 10am start for the line dancers with an extra Line teach of:

  • ·Whiskey Smooth – Karl-Harry Winson

Sundays artists:

Sunday afternoon and the beautiful weather led some to stay out in the sun, but for those that came to dance we had a new artists for me in a Duo I haven’t seen before named:

Black Gold

Texas Tornados

Great selection of music kept the dance floor busy all afternoon.

Moving onto Sunday evening with two of the major acts on the circuit, possibly the leading duo in the British Country music circuit at this time Rancher and alongside them was the irrepressible Texas Tornados.

Texas Tornados


Raffle Prizes

There is always a charity raffle and this time we raised just a little under £300 that will go to the NSPCC, that figure included £40 that was donated for dances scripts from our ever generous festival goers.

So we are already looking forward to the Turkey & Tinsel Weekend 16th & 19th November which is always one of the busiest of the year and the Xmas party to be at. Get in early to ensure you can attend, we’ll be teaching partners, Honky Tonk Cliff the lines and the acts include John Doherty, Bob Keeley, Shayna, Chris Mezza, Carl Shay, Zenne, Souls ‘n’ Stone and Long Shot (as always Artists can be subject to change).

JB Website update: We have added, (with Ky’s permission) a Cheyenne Festival Contact form to our website ( click on the big red Festivals button) to provide you with another means of contacting Ky with queries or to indicate that you want to book for one of the festivals. Because they come through the JB website we (JB) will receive and acknowledge the email then ensure it is forwarded onto Ky for processing. Please note if we don’t acknowledge you we haven’t seen it.

Great dancing, great country music and wonderful people, look forward to seeing friends old and new in November.

Julie & Brian JB