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A full selection of photos from this event can be found by clicking here.

Cliff Hall

Well here we go. Back from Cheyenne's Country Festival although a smaller venue the weekend was BIG yes big in atmosphere and talent
Friday night kicked off with Peter Pedro Barlow and wow what a performance 2 great sets and sharing the stage was Rob Childs and Nadine Somers their talent is tremendous but the banter between songs is brilliant all 3 were so good the evening just flew by great start.
Saturday afternoon we had the fabulous Chris Harris nothing i can say about Chris other than stunning great sets and fab guitar work.
Saturday evening more brilliant performers Billy Curtis once again outstanding sets and fabulous guitar playing and joined on stage with his girl friend Sammy for a couple of great songs, and then the duo I have been waiting to see again the unbelievable Jonny and Lynnette and what great sets they gave us something for everyone.
Sunday afternoon Ainsley quite a few hadn't seen him before and was pleasantly surprised he gave 2 brill sets.
Sunday evening The one and only Richard Palmer always a top act keeping the room buzzing and finally Cheyenne replacing Root'n' Toot'n' but Ky and Shayna were the perfect choice 2 Great Country sets to end what can only be described as an outstanding Weekend of Country Music and Dancing.
Workshops over the weekend Partner by Brian and Julie once again brilliant to work with they taught some brill dances which they will give you the information on their post and Line by myself which were very well attended.
Linedances taught over the weekend was Every Step In The Book by Pat Patricia Stotty Stott brill dance
Everybody Wanna by Tina Argyle Fab dance
Love is Loud by Robbie McGowan Hickie which i taught it to a country track by Dave Sheriff great dance and finally Playing Country and Sure Love by myself and to my Amazement 4 of the bands played Sure Love by Hal Ketchum what a great song, so we danced it Live 4 times over the weekend.
All dances were well received and danced several times over the weekend with all of the script sheets going.

Well it only remains for me to say once again thanks to Ky and Angie for keeping this event going and to say thanks to everyone who comes and joins in with fun,
Many thanks for your comments towards me and the work i do it means a lot,
Till the next take care from me and Lynne..