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When you get back from a festival exhausted and happy then you know it’s been a good weekend.
This is a Festival that’s been running for in excess of 34 years with firstly Ann Hinder, and now with Cheyenne Promotions hosting. Like many festivals around the country and also our clubs the numbers have been reducing. So much so that the Hotel Burstin refused to let the Festival go ahead in the large hall as it always has done. The festival was forced to move into a smaller room downstairs with no disabled access. 0/10 for the Hotel Management and 10/10 for all our guests for coping admirably with the change.

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Partner Dance Tuition

Given the impasse at the last-minute Cheyenne tried to let everyone know giving priority to those who may be affected by the access to the hall. Many of the dancers came along with reservations about the situation as they, like all us did not know the hall and how things would work. But with the benefit of hindsight we should have known better.
This has been a line and partner festival since the beginning and especially in recent years this has been one of its biggest strengths, line and partner dancer’s work together keeping the dance floor a full, busy and exciting place to be. That isn’t to say it’s perfect and there are times when it’s challenging but those are the times we all smile at each other, maybe have a joke and move on.
Everyone comes for a good time and life’s to short to fall out of a patch of dance floor! This festivals greatest strength is the people who attend and in this respect the change of room proved to be a great help.
No hotel guests were allowed in the hall and this resulted in a party atmosphere from start to end that was one of the best I have ever seen.

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Friends from Germany

For the second time at this Festival we welcomed a party from Germany (Micha and friends of Lucky Country ) so we can truly call it international! Great dancers, line and partner and joined in with the teaching and fun, very welcome and we hope to see them again.
A fabulous line up of artists truly provided a weekend of live music that would rival any festival in the country for value for money.

• Steve Lovett
• Texas Gunn
• Peter Shaw (afternoon)
• The Storms
• Cheyenne
• Roots & Wings (afternoon with Mike and Kelly)
• Nadine Somers
• Daniel Berry

All ably introduced and supporting by the inimitable Honky Tonk Cliff our Emcee and DJ.

Dance teaching this weekend:

Partner JB Western Dance (Julie & Brian)
• Sweet Delight (Dan Albro - 32 count)
• Star Turn Shuffle (JB Western Dance - 56 count relaunch to “Dance Her Home”)
• Michigan Shuffle (Joe & Penny Baker - 32 count)
• Codigo (David Dabbs – 64 count)

Step sheets for all the above available to download on the Cheyenne promotions new website ( ).

Line dances taught by Honky Tonk Cliff were:

• Off the Beaten Track – (Gary O’Leary - 32 count)
• Call Me When It’s Over Baby – (Honky Tonk Cliff - 32 count)
• Cherry Bomb – (Rob Fowler 32 count)
• Codigo – (Pat Stott - 32 count)
• Your One and Only - (Honky Tonk Cliff - 40 count)
• Timbuktu - (Tina Argyle - 64 count)

Step sheets for all the above available to download on the Cheyenne promotions new website
( ).

We can announce the launch of the new Cheyenne Promotions website where you can find information about future festivals, pictures from recent festivals and web contact forms and downloads. Look around and let us know what you think.

Photos from Debbie Shaw. More can be found at