Back to work after a brilliant weekend with Cheyenne down at the Burstin Hotel in Folkestone. See Honky Tonk Cliffs report that sums it up perfectly. Looking forward to February for more fantastic music and line and partner dancing. This is a mixed festival where line and partner dancers have a great time together on the same floor. Looking forward to the 22nd to 25rd February 2019 why don't you join us for a fun filled romantic weekend!
The dances Julie and I (JB) taught this weekend were:

Dance title: Thank You
Choreography: Karen and Nigel Poll
Music: Thank You by Gary Perkins & The Breeze

Dance title: Straight to Hell-O
Choreography: Dan Albro
Music: Straight To Hell by Darrius Rucker

Dance title: There Goes The Neighborhood
Choreography: Chris and Trev - Lonestar WPDC
Music: There Goes The Neighborhood by Keith Harling

Dance title: Simplicity
Choreography: Diane Jackson & Josie Copley
Music: Simple by Florida Georgia Line

See you on the floor!