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 Well just back from another amazing weekend with The Country Superstars,hosted by Sarah Jayne Crust and Andy Crust at The Grand Burstin Hotel Folkestone.
Also would like to thank the team that support them, Matthew Endersby Tracey Endersby, Gwendoline Aslett, Sarah's mum Mandy, Andy's dad,and the amazing band The Allstars. Also thanks to Iow tours oli williams Jeff and David, and Justine Brown for supplying us with the music. And Mick and Ange Church for their western wear stall,Sorry if I missed anyone out but you all do an amazing job.
Started off on Fri afternoon with complimentary tea coffee and cakes meet and greet with Sarah and andy then Friday night we had the pleasure of Richard Palmer Dolly, Kenny, pasty cline and glen Campbell.
Sat morning my favourite bit of the weekend (ssshhh don't tell Sarah and andy) lol Matt and Traceys bingo session, he's just so funny everyone was in stitches lol
Justine did a little workshop then Andy sung some awesome songs loved it (second favourite bit of the weekend ) lol
In the evening we had Lee Jackson first time I've seen him and he's a very good country singer. Then we had Duncan Norvelle the comedian from back in the 80s who's catchphrase was "chase me chase me" he still had that famous comedy timing and again had the room laughing. To finish sat night we had Dolly and Kenny doing their thang. It was packed over 600 people and everyone went home or back to their rooms having seen a fantastic show.
Sunday we had a guest presenter doing the bingo yes the one and only Boy George Well it was Matt really but it went down a treat my lot loved him,and to entertain us even more we had a game of play your cards right, it was Hilarious again so much laughter it was infectious.
By Sunday afternoon it was taking it toll on Sarah's throat bless her so rather than pushing it too much she did a meet and greet with everyone,she bought all her memorabilia about dolly parton from home and people could take photos and just generally chat with her. She's such a lovely girl.
Sunday night she was back on top form again and her and andy did their big show with,Dolly, pasty cline, billy jo spears,Tammy wynette, Andy was Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, John Denver,Johnny cash and they had the backing of
The all stars band. Richard Palmer did 2 more sets then it was time to say our good night's.
So until next year (yes were definitely going back its all booke)love to you all and thank you for making our weekend very special. Xxxx
Also thanks to my lovely lot who came and kept me company xxx