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Rob Childs
Rob Childs

Show number Five tonight everything in the Hall set up and ready for the off and our Artist for the night here and setting up the Gear, Sound Checks done and still plenty of time before start time. Start time rolls round and for the first time tonight I introduce to all ROB CHILDS so what can we all expect to see and hear. It was off to” Chatahoochee” to find the “Stars On The Water” but somehow they had gone “Missing”. From ROB it was then onto “There Goes My Heart” then we were off for a bit of “Tulsa Time” along with “Liza Jane” and ROB said “She’s Got The Rhythm” and moved along with “All My Exes Live In Texas” then came “Bonaparte’s Retreat” after which was “Two Of A Kind” and closed with “Working On A Full House”.

During the break is the WHATS on LIST well we have got STONE COLD COUNTRY and that is it. Time to get back to the compare bit and bring back ROB for the second time and off he went with “Love Bug” along with “Adalina” then along came a couple of Bluegrass numbers “Blueridge Mountain Blues” along with “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” which came over very well. ROB also included “Right On The Money” and “I’m Just An old Chunk Of Coal” followed by “Where An I Gonna Live” and it was “Highway Forty Blues” and the oldie “Ashes Of Love” and closed with “The Fireman”.

I did the RAFFLE DRAW in the break and thanked all for supporting the Club, then for the final time brought ROB back on stage away he went with “Honky Tonk Man” along with “Five O’Clock Somewhere” then he found “A Tear In My Beer” and we met up with the “Galway Girl” and closed with “Guitars, Cadillacs” I had to ask ROB for one more and this was “Not Counting You”. There were three numbers that for me stood out they were “Your The Reason” along with “Imagine That” as well as “I’m Crying My Heart Out Over You” proper COUNTRY MUSIC which you don’t hear from ROB much but as he said tonight (his words) I have really enjoyed myself tonight because I can do what “I WANT TO DO” and don’t have to worry about singing the top 40 Line Dance Songs. This is what it should be like singers doing what they want to do not being “TOLD WHAT TO DO” I will get off my Soapbox now, and again from the “GANG thank you very much ROB, see you again in December.

Phil Wood