Roots & Wings
Roots & Wings

Hall all set up and our Artist for tonight which was lucky for us as two other different Artists could not make it because of something called “LOCKDOWN” so at late notice up stepped ROOTS and WINGS, great to see MICHAEL and KELLY at the Club again and it was “Loves Gonna Live Here Again” then “Your Good Girls Gonna Go Bad” and the “Suds In The Bucket” got things moving along very well. They then moved onto “Blanket On The Ground” “First Fool In Line” and “Coat Of Many Colours” along with the Patsy Cline number “I Fall To Pieces” then they wanted to “Close Up The Honky Tonks” and ROOTS and WINGS closed the spot with “Down At The Twist And Shout”.

During the break time for the WHATS on LIST well yes we have ---------- next week. Then back come ROOTS and WINGS who were “Going Through Hell” along with “Just To See You Smile” then it was a Leanne Womack number “Forever Every Day” as well as the Alan Jackson number “Remember When”. From ROOTS and WINGS we all heard “Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses” along with the Randy Travis number “For Ever And Ever Amen” and closed the spot with the up tempo number “If I Could I Would”.

Time for me to do the RAFFLE DRAW with this done and dusted time for the final time tonight to bring back ROOTS and WINGS who took us for a ride in the “57 Chevrolet” and then said “Let The Teardrops Fall” onto “She’s In Love With The Boy” along with “Stay Young”. From ROOTS and WINGS we then heard a brilliant version of “Sweet Music Man” then on with “Things I Carry Around” along with “Texas When I Die” we all then went back in time as along came “When” the Kalin Twins hit then it was “Hello Mary Lou” the Rick Nelson number which brought us to the final number “Every Little Thing” but we did not hear this as KELLY talked her way through that, so onto the encore “Sweet Little Dangerous”.

Well that was the fourth Show we had put on after “LOCKDOWN” with still a lot of RULES to stick to but again another Brilliant night at the LONE WOLF C.M.C. with ROOTS and WINGS a great mixture of numbers from MICHAEL and KELLY, from the “GANG” a big THANK YOU for doing the Show tonight, take care and stay safe.

Phil Wood