Kickin' Country Guitars

All in the Hall set up and ready so as start time rolled round it is time for compare TONY to bring on stage KICKIN' COUNTRY and they brought along the "High Class Lady" along with the "First Fool In Line" and "Billy B Bad" next up was "If Love Was A River" then "Some Girls Will" on then with a bit of "Old Time Rock And Roll" then BRIAN took centre stage as he sang "Ace In The Hole" back came CHRIS with a "Champagne Promise" for the "Gipsy Queen" and "Angelino" and closed the spot with "The Loosing Side Of Me"

During the break Tony went round the Hall selling "RAFFLE TICKETS" this done time to put the compare hat back on to bring back KICKIN' COUNTRY and we went to "Where The Corn Don't Grow" next was "Here Comes My Baby" then the Brian Adams number "You Belong To Me" and moved on with "Tougher Than The Rest", "Tempted", "Missing" and the James House number "Anything For Love". KICKIN' COUNTRY well part of them as BRIAN left the stage because he does not like "Lonely Drum", but he was back on stage to do "Nobody Knows But Me" and CHRIS closed the spot with "Loving All Night".

TONY and NORBET then did the "RAFFLE DRAW" this done TONY then reads out the "WHATS on LIST" for all the Clubs in the Area, after all that it is now time for him for the final time tonight to introduce to all KICKIN' COUNTRY who said we "Love The Honky Tonk Life" onto "Baby I'm Right" and "Lay Low" along with "Talk Is Cheap". We all then went off on a "Little Love Trip" to get some "Falsom Prison Blues" along with the "King Of The Road" and three more numbers "Seven Nights To Rock" and "Same Thing Happened To Me" along with "Don't Tell Me Your Not In Love" brought a Brilliant Night of Live Country Music by KICKIN' COUNTRY to a close at the COLORADO C.M.C.

Roving Reporter