Steve & John - RancherJanuary 12. Having attracted last year’s biggest attendance Rancher got our New Year off to a great start with well over 100 eagerly awaiting their return
The dancers stayed on the floor between songs knowing they could dance to nearly everything that Rancher performed.
Steve and John constantly update their content and tonight played at least seven of the top 10 dances listed in February’s Cross Country.
As a listener (more so than usual due to a foot injury) I particularly liked Sangria, Wherever Love Takes Us (Waves of Love) and Thank You but Damn didn’t appeal to me.
Apart from some superb vocals I was impressed with their musicianship, for example the guitar work featured in Dirt On My Boots, which I don’t recall any other act playing here. All this was enhanced with quality sound and the care taken in setting up.

Not for the first time, some of Rancher's fans came bearing gifts, tonight Steve thanked Louise for her shortbread and Fiona for the best ever lemon drizzle cake.

Lawrence (Lawrie) Bingham

One of our long-standing regulars, Lawrie Bingham, attended this event greeting us as he so often did with one of his good humoured quips. Sadly, the following weekend he collapsed and died while attending another local country music club.
If there is any consolation at a time like this it is knowing that he died doing something he loved and in the way he said he’d liked to go.
His funeral at Medway Crematorium on January 23rd was attended by people from several CMCs and one of his favourite songs I Just Want To Dance With You by George Strait was played.
We’ll miss you Lawrie and send our condolences to wife Jean, family and friends.