November 10. A visit from Kalibre is always something to look forward to and once again we were treated to a flawless performance from the duo that pleased the listeners and the dancers alike. Perfect sound balance and volume, vocals from Bobby Reid where every word could be clearly heard accompanied by the superb sounds that Bob Dixon produces from his pedal steel and dobro. In some numbers Bob produced so much emotion from his pedal steel that it almost seemed to be talking to us. Expecting it to sound as if it was 'laughing' was, of course, an entirely different matter.

Many of those attending encountered hazardous driving conditions in order to reach the club due to a thunderstorm and torrential rain. And The Thunder Rolled again at the end of the evening when the two Bobs performed the Garth Brooks song to bring a great evening of country music to an end. Compère Danny summed it all up in two words “Absolutely Brilliant”.

During the first break the dance floor was full when Fiona took the dancers through the steps of the line dance “Thank You” as a tribute to Gary Perkins who wrote the song. In the song Gary thanks all his fans for dancing to his music and playing his songs - thinking of all the good times shared. At this club we’ve enjoyed some good (and special) times with Gary and The Breeze, the last being our sell out Christmas show in December 2017. So it’s our chance to say Thank You to Gary from all at the Best of British CMC.

Raffle Table Thanks also to Mary for making the crocheted remembrance poppies that so effectively decorated the raffle table.