The Storms
The Storms

May 12. Father and son duo Rick and Ashley, known as The Storms last appeared here just six months ago and for many it seemed like a friend’s reunion. Their friendly approach was a nice touch and they spent time before the start and during both breaks going round the tables chatting to everyone who wanted to. However, I thought it was inappropriate for them to continue doing this during the club announcements and raffle. 

Compère Danny had placed on the tables what appeared to be a running list of the songs to be played with their respective line and partner dances.  In the event they weren't all performed and older numbers not so much aimed at the dancers were included which resulted in three entertaining sets that contained a contrasting mix of currently popular songs such as Ride With Me, Down On Your Uppers and much older favourites such as King of the Road and an excellent version of Don't Close Your Eyes, well sung by Ashley.  Rick’s impressive vocal range was demonstrated in successive numbers with a hint of yodel in Start Over to a much deeper sound in I Love You Because, which had some of the ladies swooning a bit.  The Storms received good applause throughout and ironically Danny concluded the evening with a warning about flooding in the car park due to a heavy rain storm.     

Finally, in view of comments received, I would like to confirm that although the paragraph and photo regarding the late Mary Bowen appeared alongside the Claws and Paws CMC report in the June Cross Country the item was initially appended to my April  report and it was the Best of British CMC that she regularly attended. 

Dave Goddard – DJ Best of British CMC

Club DJ
Dave - Club DJ

Answering Cross Country’s call to hear about people in the clubs I would like to give an extended mention of our DJ, Dave Goddard. His interest in being a DJ started in the 1970’s when he worked for a company servicing and installing jukeboxes. A side line was building and operating disco equipment and at weekends he would go out with a Transit van and the company disco to DJ private parties, weddings etc. At that time disco and the Bee Gees dominated the music scene. Subsequently he joined the telecoms industry but retained his love of music of all kinds. In the late 1980s he moved to Sheppey, Kent and discovered a Country Music Club where he became interested in the line dance craze. It wasn’t long before he had started compering and DJ work at two local clubs.

One night at the Best of British club John, who ran the club with his wife Mary, asked Dave if he could help out with the DJ spot due to his failing health. He immediately agreed and since John sadly passed away he has continued playing the music and has now been the club’s DJ for the past three years.  Dave also occasionally DJs at garden parties for one of the members who used to run country clubs.  Now 67, Dave has been spinning discs for 46 years, still loves doing it and hopes to carry on for a long time yet.