Les & Glynn - Longshot

January 13. Given the numbers suffering from flu and other winter bugs the attendance was as good, if not better, than expected. If anyone was suffering from post-Christmas January blues Longshot dispensed the perfect remedy to get rid of them. I only recall seeing them as a trio previously but they are now a duo - Glynn Long (lead vocals and drums) and Les Evans (lead guitar and harmony vocals). For a duo they filled the stage well, with Glynn’s drum kit being an attraction in itself. I was so impressed with the overall sound that I asked about the backing tracks. It was no surprise to learn that these have been carefully created to maintain the unique Longshot style, so much better than acts that use ‘off the shelf’ backing tracks.

I think you would have to be hard to please not to have enjoyed this performance by Longshot and a first for me was seeing Lonely Drum being performed live by a drummer. Thanks Glynn and Les for getting our year off to a good start.