June 9th. Not long after an overrunning party for a child’s birthday had been removed from the hall George Payling arrived with his family group, namely ‘baby’ George and grandson Ryan to get set up for an evening’s entertainment from Texas Gun.

Texas Gub
Texas Gun

With George Snr. (bass guitar), George Jnr. (keyboard and lead guitar) and grandson Ryan (rhythm guitar) all taking turns with the vocals there was much to enjoy, as usual. Whatever is in the Payling male genes it seems inevitable that superb vocalists will be produced as Ryan demonstrated early on with Places I’ve Never Been. George Jnr. excelled with a medley of To Make You Feel My Love/A Legend In My Time. And birthday ‘boy’ Perry was invited on stage (I doubt they could have stopped him) for his unique rendition of Good Hearted Woman.

Well done Perry and thanks to Texas Gun for another good evening of older and newer country music, a wristy (and risky) joke or two, and a bit of Scottish fun at the end with The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.