The Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkstone Feb 20-22nd 2015
Cheyenne Artists held the 1st of their triple parties to be held at The Berstead this year. For a country weekender that has run here for over a decade being fairly new at the helm must be daunting. They have a lot to live up to. Do they live up to it. Yes they are keeping true to their promise. Country Music being written into contracts for all performing artists.

My first intro into to the amazing weird world of Honky Tonk Cliff the new resident DJ was shall we say a small/eruption of amazement. This guy becomes a huge persona of a quite unassuming man who is quite frankly. Lovely. Mike in hand he changes into this huge voiced man who changes into so many different outfits that surprise, alarm, amuse and quite frankly make so many dissolve into laughter that they forget their steps. Honky Tonk likes to blend into the line dance. which is so much fun.

Anyhow that enough for the background about our new D.J. Friday Nights entertainment where Chris Harris & Muddy Boots. Chris Harris was first up, opening with a Mavericks "Scotia Samba" Ronnie Dunn's "Bleed Red" was a great addition to his wonderful double set list. Muddy Boots. award winning duo Richard Edlin on bass and harmonies and Chris Mezza on lead guitar and lead vocals. There vast set list makes it so easy to see them again and again. always ringing in the changes and keeping up to the moment. Opening with "My New Life" Mark Wills 1997 "You Take Me Places I've never been" was a song. The evening drew to a close with Honky Tonk playing out requests.

Line dance tuition began every morning at 10.30 a.m. Stu Edwards solo this Saturday afternoon. Leaving his band back in surrey. Gave us country tunes to thrill and entertain both dancers and listeners alike and even giving us a fantastic acoustic set accompanied by a friend who I'm ashamed to say I missed. Stu loves to be a little different with his country set and it shows from what I heard, All good. I can assure you.

Party Night this Saturday Steve Jay & Fools Gold. Steve Jay first up this evening. Sounding the best I have ever heard Mixed it up for us. Old & New. From "One Way Ticket" & "Land Of Opportunity" and James House "Anything for Love On Days Gone By" brilliant song . Fools Gold Debbie & Paul are a great duo singing the likes of "Cool me the Breeze" to "One Shot" they give a wonderful mixture of fast & slow songs that make it superb for both dancers & listeners Honky Tonk Cliff teaching's this weekender are. Last Living Cowboy. Just Lay Low, Still in Dallas-,[ his own] Till its gone & South Australia.

Great surprise was Kye Rivers. solo this afternoon. How laid back and was he. Beside running a great weekend he gave us Frankie Ballards "Helluva Life" & "Dixie Road" Angie accompanied hi for a couple of songs which was refreshing "Ball & Chain" and "I Hope You're The End of My Story a great Pistol Annies number.

Sunday the last night we offered up Richard Palmer & Texas Tornados. By now it was blowing up a storm outside the sea swell was something else. Opening to a full dance floor Richard gave us "This is me Missing You" and out of the arcades "Dream Lover" it so great to hear Richard singing Country. although he did succumb to a couple of requests Like "I'm Gonn'a be There" & a Chris De-Burgh's "The Words I Love You" [let you of Richard you sang a request] Texas Tornados Texas are a super trio who are always up for a party, "Seven Nights to Rock" way back in the archives of time Doris Day gave us " The Black Hills Of Dakota" Pete encouraged all to sing along to his rendition. Kenny Rogers "You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille" Pete also gave us a song that he has written OMG. Look out for it on you tube "You'll always be my Cowgirl" Richard joined Pete to close the night. "high Class Lady" and an appropriate "Wagon Wheels". Roll on June. Bookings being taken now.

· Jacqui Peacock