WestcoastersOur band tonight came up from the South Coast but they call themselves the Westcoasters. This was the first time the band has performed at our club as a duo consisting of Steve Riley lead vocals and Pete Lockwood lead guitar. They gave us a kaleidoscope of music from some very early linedances like Smokey Places and Haunted Heart right up to the present day favorites.

To say the dance floor was busy all night would be an understatement, the only dance the linedancers struggled with was Jason Aldeans Green Tractor. Steve is not only the lead singer but he also dances to every song, a lot of the time on the dance floor, I was asked "did he pay to come in".

Steve met his match when he asked our hostess Mary to partner him in Friends In Low Places within seconds her leg was over his shoulder and he couldn't sing for laughing.

In the break John welcomed back Lew who had just come home after 5 weeks in hospital and was sitting there nursing 8 broken bones including ribs, collar bone, arm and a puncture lung, that's dedication.

Mary and John would like to thank the Westcoasters for giving us such a great evening, and extend their thanks to Dave for standing in as DJ and to all those who stayed behind to help.

Bob Knight